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Why you should be concerned about the safety of your food storage jars!

With the rise of the #homeorganization trends, food storage jars have become quite a popular essential. Not only do they look great, but certain styles of storage jars have amazing benefits and functionality. However, that shouldn’t be the most important thing – the safety of those jars should be. As avid homemakers, we can sometimes get carried away with the aesthetics’ of items, without considering the health risks. Take plastic jars for example, we all know plastic and heat are not a good mix. When you heat plastic containers or jars in the microwave, this may cause chemicals to leach into your foods. Heat also helps breakdown plastic, which might be a reason why when you drink water from a...

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Creative ways of using your glass canisters - There are more ways than 1

Did you know that glass canisters have more than one use? It’s more than just storing ingredients; you can get pretty creative with the different ways you can utilize a canister around your home. Don’t believe us? Here are a few ways to get creative with your glass canisters. Pre-mix ingredients Photo by Tiard Schulz on Unsplash Combine your powders together to create the perfect dry rubs, hot drinks, herb, or spice concoctions. Having all your ingredients pre-made can save you on time. Plus, it’s great to know that you don’t have to stand even longer in the kitchen, scratching your head, trying to remember all the measurements and ingredients for your mix. The same goes for liquid cocktails. You can...

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5 reasons why glass canisters are taking over everyone’s pantry!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, glass canisters have taken the marketplace by storm. Every influencer, homemaker and professional organizer has jumped on the bandwagon in displaying their new sets of glass canisters on their Instagram grids and Pinterest boards. There are many benefits of choosing glass jars compared to the old, worn out plastic jars that you’ve been keeping in your pantry, so let’s go through the top 5 reasons why glass canisters are becoming so popular! 1. Crystal-clear transparency Glass canisters are not only easy to use but are fully transparent. The fact that they are see-through eliminates the possibility of running out of ingredients and can even help you from choosing the wrong canisters when you...

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